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Engine Panel visor

| Engine & Propulsion | September 27, 2015

Seaworthy Goods based in Florida have come up with an Engine Panel visor. The Engine Panel Visor is a custom cover to protect your boats engine panel from water and damage from feet and other objects that can damage the gauges or even start the engine.
The visor is hinged at the top and is made form clear lean. You have full visibility of all the instruments yet the instruments and start key are protected. Seaworthy had already been producing some custom engine visors to fit some types of panel, but now have the multi panel hinged Lexan cover.

PanelVisor Multi Panel

Seaworthy Panel Visor


PanelVisor™ protects engine panels from sun, knocks & water. This multi-panel style cover (MP-8.5) fits any panel up to 8½” across and 6½” high.

The clear cover protects against sun, rain, wash downs, and clumsy kicks.(It’s made of tough UV-resistant Lexan with a StarBoard frame and marine-grade fittings.) To provide maximum access to keys and controls, the friction hinges hold at any angle.

Everything for installation is provided except the drill — stainless hardware, positioning tape, and even the drill bit.


Seaworthy Panel Visor

Shell for MP-8.5 PanelVisor $21 when ordered as set, $41 ordered separately

We also designed something we’ve wanted for a long time — protection from locker knocks. Exposed wires and gauges always get hit by life jackets, sail bags, and other salty items. The damage varies from broken connections to corroded gauges.

The optional shell provides strong protection from all those locker knocks. Installation is a breeze because it fits onto the same stainless hardware provided for the cover installation. The shell is made of ABS plastic with an amply cutout for cables to fit through.


Seaworthy Panel Visor

Yanmar Engine Panels

These PanelVisors™ are custom designed to attach onto specific model instrument panels using existing holes and provided hardware. They’re made of Lexan XL102-UV, with UV protective coating on both sides. Tachometer and indicator lights are clearly visible, with easy access to controls and switches.

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