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Success story

In september 2011 Annapolis Rigging sold a J105 mast. A spare mast they had sitting around for many years found a home in Chile. The Chile customer had his Hall J/105 mast damaged in transit. The problem is where to find a replacement. The Chile Owner searched the internet and found the mast on UsedBoatEquipment.


Later in September Annapolis rigging sold a set of kato davits. The davits were left over from a refit and were sold for a fraction of the price of a new set.

These two items were worth several thousand dollars to Annapolis Rigging.


In return they bough a electric hydraulic swage machine from a usedboatequipment member in Seattle. This swager is a benefit to riggers but is very expensive costing around $12,000 new. They ended up with something they needed plus cash left over from the items they sold
The story behind the swage machine is that the seller bough it at a Storage unit auction. He did not know about the unit and searched online. He eventually put it for sale on UsedBoatEquipment for $4,000. Both parties win out.

Update 2012; Since the initial success Annapolis Rigging had sold a Boom for a 50 foot Shannon, a vang or two, and much more. They have added a lot more items now and are building out their online catalogue.

Update 2015; The most  recent big sale is this Ketch Rig


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  1. Bairdstokes on June 29, 2020 @ 9:34 pm

    I can’t get the seller to respond, since he said the item was still available and I agreed to pay through paypal,??????? Dont understand why its listed if the seller won’t communicate with a buyer!?


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