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Selling Used Boat Equipment

| Uncategorized | October 29, 2015

Selling Used Boat Equipment? if you are one of the best places is UsedBoatEquipment.com.

about UsedBoatEquipment.comUsedBoatEquipment.com is a website for selling used equipment like a Craig’s list or eBay if you like, but emphasis is on the boating market.

The benefits of a dedicated boat equipment site over eBay is, we specialize and focus on the needs of boaters. The problem for boaters with eBay is the reliance on keywords to find what you need.

We made UsedBoatEquipment.com with a categories structure like you would find in an online store. We needed to allow for all equipment found on all boats, such as anchors, grills, boat lifts, tables, ladders, steering, electronics, engines, navigation equipment, safety, sails and rigging, inflatables, and water sports etc.

Benefits of UsedBoatEquipment.com


    1. Search on page             Category structure beats keywords
    2. Audience                        100% boaters
    3. Search online                SEO efforts results in high google search
    4. Cost effective                Fees $4/60 days, $19/m membership and free under $100
    5. Community                   Connections, buyer meet seller
    6. Easy to use                    Navigation and user interface flow naturally

1       Search on page;

if you type “Anchor” into eBay’s search bar you’ll end up with charm bracelets, wall anchors etc. Try “cateye tube” as in a towabe tube and you get lights and jewelry. Neither search brings up what you want. The point is that eBay uses keywords and unless you use the same keywords as the seller you won’t find the item you’re looking for. As a seller your items may not get found and therefore sold. This is the reason we went with a category structure like you would find at West Marine and other online stores. We went further by using a home page which has all the categories on the page. No need to use a drop down menu, get direct to the category you want.

2       Search online SEO;

We have focused a lot of effort in SEO. Because we have a defined number of products to cover, i.e. those in our category structure, we can focus on search optimization for those terms.


We rank #1 for; Used Boat>

    • equipment
    • electronics
    • masts
    • booms
    • winches (see image)
    • And many more

3       Fees;

We work like traditional classifieds, cost to post is ($4/60 days) and no commissions or other costs. We have a membership pack for $19/m and free ads under $100

4       Community;

we have found that because we specialize in boating we have a smaller group and a social group. We have had buyers and sellers become friends.

5       Ease of use;

Sellers; our listings include a form to fill out which contains fields relevant to the category. For example; selling an outboard you’ll be asked for shaft length, fuel type, HP etc., sell an anchor you’ll be asked for weight, type material etc. This helps the seller get the right information into the listing rather than just a blank listing box. This also helps search so if a potential buyer is typing in a browser for an outboard with your HP and shaft length your ad will come up.

Buyers; as mentioned the category structure lets buyers quickly find what they need.


Examples of boat equipment that sold include;

Anchors and mooring equipment, stoves and grills, boat covers and Bimini’s, boat lifts, dock boxes, engines and outboards, fuel filters, fishing gear, deck equipment ladders, cleats, tables, ramps, steering, plumbing equipment, navigation and autopilots, maintenance, safety gear, Water sport toys, cateye tubes, canoes, kayaks, and more


These thumbs are of actual equipment sold

One of our members recounted that he put his old Autohelm autopilot from the mid 1980’s on the site. He ended up selling parts to two separate people extending the life of their Autohelm units. This made him some money and he helped a couple of fellow boaters which made him happy.


Testimonials from individuals

Testimonials from Industry

Equipment             Harken Clearance

Boat Builders        Beneteau

Consignment        Minneys 

Consignment        the Boaters Resale Shop of Texas

Riggers                 Annapolis Rigging

Riggers                 RigRite

Engines                Bay Shore Marin

Sailmakers           North Sails

Boatyards             Oxford Yacht Agency

Boatyards             Lockwood Boat Works

Boatyard’s            JGordon Co

Salvage                 NandJmarine

Overstock            The Sailing Source guy

Harken, North Sails and Beneteau are just a couple of examples of Manufacturers that have used us to sell their NOS, items no longer on the shelves but left over. Our channel allows them to sell this product without disrupting existing channels. Your customer could see some great deals like brand new North Sails at 50% due to some cosmetic flaw or they could buy some Harken stainless winches at big savings. That what our service offer Boat Owners on all categories of Boat Equipment.

By encouraging everyone who has equipment lying in basements garages, and boatyards to list them, we make it possible for someone who needs it to buy it. That’s why the boating market needs a resource which is more closely focused on its particular needs.

So in conclusion if you are thinking of Selling Used Boat Equipment

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9 Responses to “Selling Used Boat Equipment”

  1. Mark Graeser on October 3, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

    I’m in need of a 10′ x 2.25″ mast, preferably used, for a Phantom sailing dingy (like a Sunfish). Any ideas?

    • Depending on your location, go to your local metal distribution center and buy the shortest extrusion available. Get 6061 T6 alloy (very common) and cut it to size.

  2. I have a outdrive unit that came out of a 1967 19ft boat hooks up to a GM v6 4.3 with a stanless stael perpeller all the bellhouseing everything there hook up motor and its reddy to go also have shifter/throtel control .steering cabel an ancher all the motor mounts bellhouseing mount and a couple outher parts like a running light go on top of windshield and 2 outher lights one is green the outher is red or blue its all good it all worked but the boat was rotting out will sell all for $350 bucks I live in Santa Rosa CA Call 707-228-7772

  3. Pat Leonard on June 14, 2019 @ 8:46 pm

    We live in MI & hv 10 used sails to sell. Do you buy bck old sails or do we list them ourself. We had a 31 Hunter & now are preparing to sell our 45 Hunter.

  4. I am looking for the left side (port side) windshield for a 2004 monark king v170.. the number is 921-2549- b. Can anyone help me. I live in Wyoming.

  5. Hi – I’m looking for some Jib cars with blocks for a 1 1/4 to 1 3/8ths track

  6. Hi there,

    My wife and I are trying to finish up our $100.00 Cheoy Lee to volunteer to help the folks in the Abaccos to rebuild after getting decimated by hurricane Dorian
    It’s taken far more time and money than budgeted and so we are looking for some great deals.
    We still need the following:

    1) Windless (I’m 60 years old and the anchor is 60lbs)
    2) 200 feet of anchor chain to go with the anchor
    3) 3500-watt generator or larger
    4) Anchor snubber
    5) a few more large fenders (also maybe a few holders – not a necessity)
    6) B&G Aut-pilot piston-driven (our Cheoy Lee has 20,000 lbs displacement loaded (NMEA 200)
    7) Dinghy Davits
    8) Engine Hoist



  7. Looking for bench an captains chairs for 25 ft pontoon boat.

  8. my portlights are copper and i need to replace the gasket, knobs & some screws where can i buy it? my ship is Passport 51 ketch 1993
    Thank you

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