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Marine Caulking Products Guide

| Maintenance | October 18, 2013

Marine Caulking Products Guide

Leaks can be just annoying, or cause structural damage and even lead to sinking . Despite this leaks are very common and can be found on new boats and old boats alike.

This page is dedicated to caulking products. Choosing the right sealant or caulk to bed fittings is confusing and a walk down the isle at the store leaves you wondering what do I need. A sampling of caulking materials found at the chandlers, include fast and slow cure, permanent or removable, polyurethane adhesive/sealant, polysulfide bedding compound and silicone, as well as glazing adhesive, teak deck caulk etc, too many choices.

Properties of Sealants


Curing may take days, depending on the material, air temperature humidity-most urethane sealants actually cure in the presence of moisture, which is why they’re excellent for emergencies underwater repairs. Many caulks are moisture cured; some are 1 part slow Curing times 2-14 days others are 2 part fast cure.

Stretch or Elongation;

Elongation is a measure of Stretch. The higher the stretch the better the caulk bond will hold up. Caulk can have between 100 and 800% elongation and more at break.


; Liquid, paste or tape

Adhesive by the numbers

; This chart gives you an idea of the difference between the types of major caulks. These numbers are a rough guide as products vary. Bear in mind 700psi could tear apart fiberglass when removing a fitting. Adhesion = peel strength, strength = tensile strength

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