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Listings for Storm Jibs Heavy air jibs (4)

Storm jib, heavy air sails, #3, #4, staysails  

Eastern Shore Sails HO Storm Jib luff 23


1605 2751.93 Eastern Shore Sails HO Storm Jib luff 23-8

Eastern Shores Sails HO Storm Jib w  luff 23-8 Foot 12-2 from Boaters' Resale Shop of Tx  1605 2751.93 Luff     23-8             Foot     12-2               ...

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RF Storm jib w 18-11 luff


RF Storm jib w 18-11 luff

RF Storm jib w 18-11 luff Luff: 18-11 Foot: 8-1 Leach: 15-1 LP: Cloth weight:unknown,total weight of sail is 7 lbs Colors: white Condition: 2,very clean,...

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Storm Jib 17


Storm Jib

Storm Jib •Luff -17' •Leech -13' 4" •Foot - 8' 3"

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Storm Jib


Storm Jib

Storm Jib •Luff -14' 9" •Leech -11' 8" •Foot - 9' * like new w/ brass hanks

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