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Listings for Winches and handles (194)

Shop this category for; Used sailboat winches, used winch handles



WANTED: Pair of Setamar deck winches

Pair of Setamar winches in good condition, suitable to re-build. Price depending on condition.  

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Winch Handle Harken 8” Locking

Winch Handle Harken 8” Locking $60.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 15733 https://www.mikescms.com/product/winch-handle-harken-8-locking/

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Lewmar Ocean 66 STS 2 speed winch (pair)

Pair of Lewmar 66STS 2 speed winches complete overhaul, new paws and springs, new self tailing jaws. Great working condition, all gears are in good condition wi...

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Electric Winch

Electric Winch $65.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 15369 https://www.mikescms.com/product/electric-winch/

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Lewmar 52 self tailing winches

Opened, inspected, cleaned and greased. Roller bearings are good. Big strong winches

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Pair of winches; two-speed, Barient #28

Pair winches; two-speed, Barient #28 (equivalent to #48 Lewmar) $300/ pair

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LEWMAR 52 Alloy Winches

Pair of 2 speed Lewmar 52 "bald-head" or non self-tailing winches.  Ideal for spinnaker sheeting.  Perfectly functional, were not re-installed during teak deck ...

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Lewmar Ocean ST58 self tailing

Pair Lewmar self tailing winch Model Ocean ST58 In perfect working condition The lower part of the drum has been primed and painted because of some marks on ...

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Winch Handle Locking Double

Winch Handle Locking Double $50.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 15152 https://www.mikescms.com/product/winch-handle-locking-double/

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Lewmar Wavegrip ST52

Lewmar self tailing winch Series wavwgrip Size 52 In perfect working condition They look very good

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Harken st16 winch

New never used Harken self tailing winch Size st16

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Meisssner 23ST self-tailing winches (pair)

Suitable as primary winches on sailboats 30ft. to 34ft. In perfect working order, cleaned and lubricated, no corrosion.

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Lewmar ocean series CST 48 winch chrome drum

Lewmar self tailing winch Ocean series Size 48 convertible New,never installed

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Lewmar Ocean series ST48 chrome drum

Lewmar self tailing winch OCEAN SERIES Size 48 Chrome drum New,never installed

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Chrome Winch w/SS Base

Chrome Winch w/SS Base $85.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 14689 https://www.mikescms.com/product/chrome-winch-w-ss-base-2/

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Chrome Winch w/SS Base

Chrome Winch w/SS Base $85.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 14688 https://www.mikescms.com/product/chrome-winch-w-ss-base/

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Winch Barient 16

Winch Barient 16 $75.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 14531 https://www.mikescms.com/product/winch-barient-16-2/

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Winch Barient 16

Winch Barient 16 $75.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 14530 https://www.mikescms.com/product/winch-barient-16/

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