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Listings for Nautical hardware & Instruments (27)

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Tarry Scale Brass

Tarry Scale Brass $45.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 18985 https://www.mikescms.com/product/tarry-scale-brass/

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Brass Bell 8”

Brass Bell 8” $40.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 17262 https://www.mikescms.com/product/brass-bell-8/

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Mini Dutch Miners Lamp

Mini Dutch Miners Lamp $50.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 17144 https://www.mikescms.com/product/mini-dutch-miners-lamp/

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Clipper Lamp

Clipper Lamp $65.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 16594 https://www.mikescms.com/product/clipper-lamp/

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5” Bronze Porthole

5” Bronze Porthole $125.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 15691 https://www.mikescms.com/product/5-bronze-porthole/

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Brass Oil Lamp

Brass Oil Lamp $75.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 11939

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Ships Binnacle – 1940’s

Ships Binnacle - 1940's $3000.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 11886

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BRONZE SLIDE $45.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 11680

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Vintage Nautical Brass Searchlight

This 34” long brass searchlight is fully functional. It was pulled off its previous owner’s boat and was reconditioned for installment. It rotates and articu...

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Liberty Ship Portholes

Here is perhaps the last remaining stock of large Liberty Ship portholes in existence today. The glass measures 16 inches in diameter and the glass is 1 inch th...

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Solid Brass Porthole

Here is a solid brass porthole that measures 15 inches by 10 inches and weighs about 15 pounds. This complete porthole was used well above the water line where ...

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Solver & Savarrer Binnacle

A Solver & Savarrer binnacle manufactured by Iver C. Weilbach & Co. from Copenhagen, Denmark. This decorative piece holds an authentic Kelvin & Hugh...

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John Hand and Son Binnacle

This is a American made binnacle by John Hand & Son of Baltimore, Maryland. The serial # of this piece is #288, one of the earliest models we have seen. ...

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Lietz and Company Binnacle

This Standard binnacle was manufactured by A. Lietz & Co. out of San Francisco. She has a Kelvin & White dry card compass serial # EN744. This piece dat...

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Scottish Binnacle from the 1800s

Scottish Binnacle from the 1800s. This binnacle is one of the newest in the shop. It contains a Wilfred White dry card compass serial # 1706. She was made in...

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Pre-World War II Japanese Binnacle

This binnacle is a rare find, an older Japanese made unit probably just before WWII. The compass was manufactured by Nunotani Seiki Seisa Kusho Company from Osa...

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Liberty Ship “Lifeboat Compass” (copper)

Offered here is a rare, complete, portable, Liberty Ship “Lifeboat Compass”. It was meant to give the lifeboat crew a basic means of navigation either in the ev...

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Liberty Ship “Lifeboat Compass” (black)

Offered here is a rare, complete, portable, Liberty Ship “Lifeboat Compass” but with an original, beautiful black patina. It was meant to give the lifeboat crew...

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Ritchie Boston compass

Ritchie Boston compass

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