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Listings for Propellers (125)

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Chromed Bronze Propellers

We have a pair of propellers one Left hand one Right hand 5 each. 21x26 lh 21x26 rh Give us a call and or come see us, Minney's Yacht Surplus 1500 Newp...

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Dynajet 14×18 3 blade propellers 1″ shaft bore

Props from a 1953 27 shepherd with 135 hp chrysler crowns 1 pair left hand and right hand

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3 Bladed 16LH11 Prop, 1″ shaft

Bronze 3 bladed LH prop, 16" diameter, pitch 11, 1" diameter shaft. Was mounted on my Hinckley B40 before she was re-powered.

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MAX PROP 1.5″ x 21″

I bought this lightly used prop for a boat that I no longer have. With the exception of some tarnish, this prop is in excellent condition, with no dings, wob...

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14″ Flexofold Folding Shaft Propeller

Racing prop from Catalina 30 Shaft Drive. Sells new for $1,100. Shaft=1", Diameter=14", Taper=16 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (from Manufacturer) ...

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Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;5/8''Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;8Pitch:SKU;Number:#43

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Mercruiser Pro

Propeller type/material; Mercruiser ProBore;splineNumber of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;16Pitch:SKU;1575Number:#8

129 total views, 4 today




Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;1Number of Blades;2Propeller rotation;LeftDiameter;14Pitch:10SKU;2164Number:#10

115 total views, 2 today




Propeller type/material; NibralBore;1.5Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;22Pitch:23SKU;814Number:#2

123 total views, 3 today




Propeller type/material; QuicksilverBore;splineNumber of Blades;2Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;14Pitch:16SKU;3385Number:#49

124 total views, 2 today




Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;3/4.Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;LeftDiameter;14Pitch:8SKU;Number:#5

115 total views, 1 today



Bronze, slightly tweaked

Propeller type/material; Bronze, slightly tweakedBore;3/4''Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;10Pitch:14SKU;3386Number:#38

132 total views, 2 today




Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;splineNumber of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;16Pitch:23SKU;3358Number:#41

116 total views, 1 today




Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;1Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;14Pitch:10SKU;3648Number:#15

155 total views, 3 today




Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;1.375Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;LeftDiameter;22Pitch:21SKU;589Number:#3

122 total views, 1 today



Stainless Steel

Propeller type/material; Stainless SteelBore;splineNumber of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;14Pitch:21SKU;Number:#55

128 total views, 2 today




Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;1Number of Blades;2Propeller rotation;LeftDiameter;14Pitch:10SKU;2164Number:#10

113 total views, 1 today



Bronze, w/ key and nuts

Propeller type/material; Bronze, w/ key and nutsBore;3/4.Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;10.75Pitch:10SKU;2729Number:#7

123 total views, 1 today



Stainless Steel Cleaver

Propeller type/material; Stainless Steel CleaverBore;splineNumber of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;16.5Pitch:26SKU;3379Number:#51

114 total views, 1 today




Propeller type/material; BronzeBore;1''Number of Blades;3Propeller rotation;RightDiameter;15Pitch:SKU;3384Number:#44

135 total views, 2 today

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