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Listings for Engine & Propulsion (266)

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Two Hurth HSW 630 transmissions with approximately 560 hours on them each. I had to buy them as a package along with the engines, prop shafts, and props. I just...

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2022-03-26 15.31.10


24 x 24 Pitch 4 Blade Brass Prop 1-3/4″ Bore

Parents sold their 38' Uniflite and they have some re-tuned propellers for sale. Pretty much the title says it all. 24 R 24 Part Number 351541 24 L 24...

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zf transmision 1


ZF BW 195P Ratio 1.524:1

ZF Transmision boxes in perfect working condition. Very few hours use. Recently srviced and painted. Previously connected to Detroit Diesel V16 92. Includes dam...

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Brand new 3 blade feathering Kiwiprop, still in the box unused 400$ under purchase price.

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Brass Prop

For Sale 25 x 22 Brass prop, left hand rotation. Just scanned, straightened and balanced. (See photo for more info)

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reservoir 55 gals


55 gal us fuel tank

55 gal us fuel tank V shape.we have 12 of them They are all new

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Wire Harness

Brand new Honda Marine wire harness for BF50D. Bought due to wrong fault diagnosis from mechanic

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QSB 380 and QSB 480 Running Take outs

I have good running take outs. 24v or 12v available. Harnesses, displays, mounts and elbows available. Hour range from 400 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. We are a Certified ...

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4 Blade Stainless – Solas HR Titan 14.25” x 17”

4 Blade Stainless Steel Boat Propeller: Solas HR Titan 14.25” x 17” pitch (standard rotation). Immaculate, Like New Condition. In original packing (see pics). ...

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15 gal (55L) Diesel Bladder Tank

Diesel bladder tank. Top of the line manufacturer. All fittings for fueling and draining. Easily stored in bilge Or mounted by grommets. Perfect for long pass...

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Aluminum Yanmar/Kanzaki vented dipstick cap

Aluminum vented dipstick cap to replace the original Yanmar/Kanzaki plastic cap. Can be used with original Yanmar dipstick tube. Take the hollow tube out of ...

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Aluminum Dipstick/tube assembly for Yanmar KM35A (replaces 177070-62450)

Aluminum vented dipstick cap and tube assembly for Yanmar KM35A. Replaces the original Yanmar/Kanzaki dipstick/tube assembly (177070-62450) with the plastic cap...

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Aluminum Dipstick/tube assembly for Yanmar KM2P(-1) and KM3P (replaces 1770...

Aluminum vented dipstick cap and tube assembly for Yanmar Yanmar KM2P(-1) and KM3P. Replaces the original Yanmar/Kanzaki dipstick/tube assembly (177088-02451) w...

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Aluminum Dipstick/tube assembly for Yanmar KM5A (replaces 177074-02500)

Aluminum vented dipstick cap and tube assembly for Yanmar KM5A. Replaces the original Yanmar/Kanzaki dipstick/tube assembly (177074-02500) with the plastic cap.

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image003 (5)


Folding Prop 18D x 16P

Folding Prop 18D x 16P $325.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 25919 https://www.mikescms.com/product/folding-prop-lh-16d-x-14p/

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image001 - 2021-05-17T190051.829


Morse Control

Morse Control $80.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 25944 https://www.mikescms.com/product/morse-control-4/

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image003 (4)


Folding Prop LH 16D x 14P

Folding Prop LH 16D x 14P $325.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 25920 https://www.mikescms.com/product/folding-prop-lh-16d-x-14p/

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image002 (21)


Northern Water Pump 145017800

Northern Water Pump 145017800 $85.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 25505 https://www.mikescms.com/product/northern-water-pump-145017800/

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