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Macgregor 36ft catamaran Mast/boom and sails

Just purchased a 36ft Macgregor Catamaran in Texas. We are making it into a twin rig system and the mast/sails and boom are all expendable. The mast is only thr...

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Tapered 60ft carbon composite mast

Tapered 60ft long carbon/composite mast. Base diameter is approx 1ft, top diameter is approx 6inches. No rigging, bare mast only. Good overall condition and sh...

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hatch card 2

$varies on size

Repair Lewmar, Goit, Bomar, Hood

Hatch Repair and RE-GLAZED *** MADE LIKE NEW *** Replace your worn lens with NEW Marine grade Acrylic CONTACT US AT 989-635-2696 Marine Hatch Repair. Bowmar, L...

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zf transmision 1


ZF BW 195P Ratio 1.524:1

ZF Transmision boxes in perfect working condition. Very few hours use. Recently srviced and painted. Previously connected to Detroit Diesel V16 92. Includes dam...

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Boat view snip


Hunter 36 2 piece bimini top

Hunter 36 2005 2pc Bimini top for sale. Cloth and zippers in excellent condition. Only defect 1 pinpoint wear hole.  Only reason taken off  was because wife wan...

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Carbon fiber mast

This mast was removed from my Catana 431 in Dec 2019. It was replaced with a shorter mast from GMT composites. It was deck stepped and could readily retro fit. ...

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Catalina 27

No rips or damage, all hardware in place,

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Marinco Y cord 50amp to double 30amp

50amp male adapter with Y connector with two 30amp female leads. Photos are available but unable to be loaded on this site due to photo size limitations. This...

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GPS radar depth finder

Ray marine E120 72 mile radar GPS and DSM 300 depth finder all in working order can demo still on boat

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Yanmar 2GM20 with control panel — Used

Used Yanmar 2GM-20 engine and panel. This is a working take out that I bought as a spare for my boat. It has a small oil seal leak that I started to repai...

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complete, 12vcompresor and waterpumpe 12volt Glacierbay cold plate refrigeration plate and freezer plate

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ISO Rinker FV270 starboardwindshield

In search of starboard curved windshield on 2000 Rinker fiesta vee 270 ASAP.

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Viking Pro 6 Man, Resqyou Raft

6 month old like new Viking Pro 6 Rescue Life Raft. Never used and sealed from factory. VIKING RescYou™ Pro is the top of the line leisure liferaft...

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Storage cover for Monk 36 trawler

This is a custom-fitting heavy-duty, 3 piece storage cover for a Monk 36. It was only used one winter & can be used for summer storage as well. Comes with 1...

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Complete Rigging Shop

I am retiring and have a complete Marine and architectural rigging business equipment sale. This equipment is in fine working condition and ready to generate i...

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Boarding steps

7 step Tracy International boarding ladder. used for 3 months, the stored. in great condition. Does not include mounting brackets ebrooks3226@gmail.com

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500 pound davit

Davit for sale from my 31 foot Tiara. Lifted my 500 pound dinghy without issues

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Dometic Eskimo Ice EI540 230 V – Refurbished

Dometic Eskimo Ice EI540 230 V. Like New The Eskimo Ice EI540 system produces up to 540 lbs (245 kg) of fishbox ice per day! Its easy-to-use Smart Logic digi...

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reservoir 55 gals


55 gal us fuel tank

55 gal us fuel tank V shape.we have 12 of them They are all new

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Plastimo Contest 130 Compass

Plastimo Contest 130 wet compass. 4-1/2 inch direct reading card with exceptional magnification, the Contest 130 is very easy to read by day or by night at up ...

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OMC Zephyr Sail Drive

OMC sail drive removed from a running fresh water sailboat. I have the controls if needed for an additional $150. for the items please visit www.nandjmarine.com

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hatch card 2

$varies on size

Repair Lewmar, Goit, Bomar, Hood

Hatch Repair and RE-GLAZED *** MADE LIKE NEW *** Replace your worn lens with NEW Marine grade Acrylic CONTACT US AT 989-635-2696 Marine Hatch Repair. Bowmar, L...

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Westerbeke Generator

Westerbeke Generator, It was in a boat that sank, we pickled the engine and it does turn over, we havent had a chance to run it yet. I would assume the generato...

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Kearney M1 roller swage tool and dies

Kearney M1 roller swage machine and 18 dies 29” long handles 6 paired sets of roller swage straight shank dies: 3/32”   1/8”   1/16” (2 sets of 1/16”) ...

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Yanmar YSB 8HP 1 Cylinder Marine Diesel Motor/Engine

Selling a complete Yanmar YSB8 8HP 1 Cylinder Marine Diesel engine with transmission and motor mounts This was removed from a Irwin 28' that was only used in t...

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Catalina 25 fresh water mast with furler, newer halyards. Also one boom ava...

Two Catalina 25 masts available. Both with halyards and standing rigging. One with Harken furler. One boom available. $150 extra. Located in Detroit MI. S...

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Italian-made 2-blade feathering "Max Prop" by Saillar

$reduced $495

2-blade feathering prop

Saillar's "Max Prop" is the one that started it all. This Italian-made propeller is a 2-blade feathering prop. It will fit shaft diameter 3/4 to 1 1/8". Fully a...

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Raymarine Autohelm, complete system


Raymarine Autohelm, complete system

Raymarine Autohelm, complete system

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Kohler Generator


Kohler Generator

Kohler Generator, Yanmar Diesel Engine, Model # 4JHL-K, Cont Rating 16.5 20 HP, 1500-1800 rpm, Displacement 1.644, Engine No. 00305

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ZF trolling valve for ZF280A transmission

ZF280A trolling valve. 0.00 call 410-263-8370

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Yanmar 6CXM-GTE 465hp parts

Selling a pallet of Yanmar 6CXM-GTE parts. Came from a 465hp engine. Engine was a 2001. Includes all parts except the block. All coolers were cleaned and reseal...

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Yanmar YSM 8 p


Yanmar YSM 8

Yanmar YSM 8 Diesel Motor runs great.

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FURLING SYSTEM MK 1 $375.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 24901 https://www.mikescms.com/product/furling-system-mk-1/

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Windshield for a 1983 22' Gradywhite


Windshield for a 1983 22′ Gradywhite

Windshield for a 1983 22' Gradywhite

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Hunter 41 Tri-radial Furling Main and Jib sails – Nearly New!

Practically Brand New (Jan 2019) Rolly Tasker furling main (no battens)/jib sails for a Hunter 41. I lost my boat to a fire (these sails were not on board at th...

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HARKEN DOUBLE BLOCK $40.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 24822 https://www.mikescms.com/product/harken-double-block-3/

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LIFE-SLING Recovery gear

Mint condition Life -Sling MOB Recovery gear. BLUE sunbrella deck cover. Polypropylene tether. Water-activated strobe as required by ORC.

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image001 (16)


Louver Door 17” x 33”

Louver Door 17” x 33” $50.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 26708 https://www.mikescms.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product

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1184180990525941.iIR1dnWXTlq8ObsFGHJY_height640 (1)


Bronze Snatch Block

Bronze Snatch Block $140.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 17111 https://www.mikescms.com/product/bronze-snatch-block/

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VOLVO PENTA STEERING PUMP $150.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 9124

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1200399563085581.OYJRauWnyRAuMhzJopB3_height640 (1)


Turnbuckle 3/8”

Turnbuckle 3/8” $18.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 26278 https://www.mikescms.com/product/turnbuckle-3-8-6/

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Here’s off Cleat 6”

Here’s off Cleat 6” $16.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 18707 https://www.mikescms.com/product/heres-off-cleat-6/

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HATCH LID 10 X 15 $10.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 11061

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SS Sink

SS Sink $45.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 26431 https://www.mikescms.com/product/ss-sink-2/

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Safety Tether w/Snapshackle

Safety Tether w/Snapshackle $75.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 21056 https://www.mikescms.com/product/safety-tether-w-snapshackle/

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Dino Steering Wheel

Dino Steering Wheel $25.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 20849 https://www.mikescms.com/product/dino-steering-wheel/

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Schaefer S.S. Block


Schaefer S/S Block

Schaefer S/S 2" block fixed head

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NEW Double Composite Block 57mm

*Comes with manufacturer two-year warranty* Sheave size - 57mm / 2 1/4" Max line size - 12mm / 7/16" Overall Height -110mm / 5 11/32" Weight - 96 grams / 3....

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image002 (40)


Motor Mount

Motor Mount $35.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 26547 https://www.mikescms.com/product/motor-mount-2/

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Chrome Winch w/SS Base

Chrome Winch w/SS Base $85.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 14689 https://www.mikescms.com/product/chrome-winch-w-ss-base-2/

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Outrigger 25’

Outrigger 25’ $125.00 Make 50% Deposit SKU: 13501 https://www.mikescms.com/product/outrigger-25/

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